Friday, April 3, 2009

Amanda Knox and Rhoda Penmark: Separated at Birth?

Being an erstwhile denizen of that gloomy, sleekly empty City by the Sound, Seattle -- the one that gave us Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks and Ted Bundy -- it's been with more than a passing interest that I have followed the arc of the Amanda Knox trial. The former University of Washington student, for those unfamiliar with the case, is in the dock for her alleged role in the brutal murder of her roomate, British student Meredith Kercher. There's been a lot of blather about Foxy Knoxy coming from a broken home, and her fraught relationship with her mother, but it could be that we simply have a Bad Seed on our hands. The internet as been rife with page after page of speculation about Knox's mental state, many ripped straight from the DSMIV. Her erratic behavior has certainly not helped her case, one which has been marred from the start by prevarication and confusion. There's circumstantial evidence aplenty in this case, but no smoking gun per se. The missing link here is a clear motive, so the "experts" are tearing their hair out by the roots trying to fill in the blanks. One commentator astutely pointed out that for all this palaver about sociopathy, psychopathy and narcissism, and crimes of passion, could it be that Amanda orchestrated the rape/murder simply because she didn't like her roommate?

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