Friday, February 13, 2009

Party Monster

Caught bodyrockin' duo Dolby Anol at the Cockaigne party at Berghain Kuntine the other night (double entendre overload there). I'm not really up on all the subgenres of electro, but these hotties hailing from Glasgow rocked da house with an exotic concoction of banging beats. Imagine a cubist version of yesteryear's mash-up craze being beaten to a pulp by the cannibal rough trade from "Suddenly, Last Summer", your favorite dance hits put in a cement mixer with liberally added squelches, bleeps and farts for your trippy dancing pleasure. Somehow, the end product emerges victoriously melodic while retaining its experi-mental flair.
These deckmasters know how to "fill" a floor....ok, so there were only ten people there, but they were very enthusiastic. Plus, we found out after the fact that all the gays were at the Mobel Olfe for some bear party or so...also props to Carlos for winning that bet and popping that girl's balloons with your ciggy!!!

Speaking of bears, tonight is the Teddy Bear Berlin party at the Haus der Kultur der Welt, an inspired choice of venue in its merging of Kunst, Kultur und Nachtleben. This is the the big gay party, the capstone of the Berlin Film Festival. There should be plenty of entertainment on hand for both the scenester and the Cineaste...

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