Saturday, January 3, 2009

Norman Rockwell in Berlin

We finally got some Schnee (the good white stuff) in Berlin. which makes everything twice as gemuetlich. The city, like Chicago, is an agglomeration of several small towns. For example, I live at Bohmischesdorf, which is an old Czech settlement in center of Neukolln, replete with a town square, Richardplatz. (There is also an unbearable cute square kitty corner from my building, Boehmischeplatz, where we will be shooting on location the video for my new single -- in my mind!) A Weinachtsmarkt was held there this year. These are the elaborate Christmas markets in Germany which are overflowing with Gluhwein, the seasonal drink which is basically hot mulled red wine. Occasionally they give it a Scandinavian twist, add Mandeln (almonds) and Roisinen (raisins)and dub it Grog.

Yesterday I took a stroll from my little dorf all the way down Karl Marx Strasse to the Hasenheide. The foreground of the park has just enough slope that parents had come out in droves with kids and toboggans in tow. What a sight, it was like something out of the 18th century.

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