Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Further Reason to Take Heart

Here's one from the archives, proof positive that, though the assholes may have won this round, eventually, if you give a religious bigot (i.e., the douchebags who funded Prop 8) enough rope, he will hang himself...(auch: the new Bruno film is in post-production!!)

Back to the election fallout...there were some kooky hijinks involving a silly, self-destructive grandmother, clutching a styrofoam cross, who had the blind nerve to head right for the epicenter a group of very emotional male protestors in Palm Springs. The media are now holding this up as an example of the meanness of queers. What the hell did she expect, to find salvation at the White Party? In the name of Christ, you don't mess with a bunch of angry middle aged 'mos with time shares, who've just had their ink-fresh marriage licenses revoked! It's this kind of idiotocracy that proves that fags should reproduce! It's like Aunt Ida hyperbolized in John Waters' Female Trouble: "If they're smart, they're queer; if they're stupid, they're straight. The world of heterosexuals is a sick and boring life."

The religulous right may crow about queers' childish and petulant (and according to "Walker Texas Ranger" Chuck Norris "anarchic") response to the passage of Prop 8, and its concomitant threat to "religious freedom", but I plead self-defense on behalf of these queens: the mere sight of a cross scorches my eyes.

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